november 20–24, london
Inspiring talks by Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design
A series of discussions hosted by Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design
We are delighted to invite you to a week of debates which will bring together leading figures from the worlds of architecture and design. We will be discussing a range of topics, with a focus on key industry trends and building creative brands.

A new design voice in London

This series of conversations is celebrating the arrival of Oleg Klodt Architecture&Design in London. As an award-winning Russian architecture and interior design studio, we are inspired to be launching in a city that is one of the world's leading centres forexperimental, haute design; a wonderful canvas for originality that our team is looking forward to making its own mark upon. The firm's lead architect and interior designer duo – Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova –are renowned for creating exquisite spaces with rigorous attention to detail, from grand private residences to intimate apartments, commercial projects to public realms. A spirit of collaboration with clients is at the heart of the team's success, along with a signature style that is characterised by the harmonious synergy of shapes and the unification of space and light, often drawing on the classical to complement the modern.

The big idea: Design is dialogue
Everything we do at Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design is an interaction of ideas, a continual dialogue between styles, environments, materials and philosophies. It is a conversation we are adding to during our week of discussions by bringing together opinion-formers and posing hallenging, thought-provoking questions. The topics we will be addressing are detailed below and feature a number of the key issues of the day facing our own and related industries.

5-7 Grape Street
WC2H 8DW London


Oleg Klodt
Anna Agapova
Head of Design
Michael Vasku
Preciosa Lighting creative director
Grant Pierrus
Regis Mathieu
Helen Chislett
Mathias Kiss
Stéphanie Langard-Dumont
Visual artist
Stacie McCormik
Stella Arion
Fashion stylist
Angel Monzon
Creative Director
Jasna Jevremovic
Case 3D senior associate
Monique Stamp
Riviere UK director
November 20
November 21
November 22

IceTank, 5-7 Grape Street,
WC2H 8DW, London
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